A reboot for a better experience

Posted by Igor Dodic on April 11, 2015

Over the last year, this blog has been subject to many stupid hacking attempts. Some were trying to bruteforce the password for the admin user, others were looking for plugin vulnerabilities. There were about 2k hits in january alone.

I have been developing web projects using wordpress for years. It is a fantastic tool and I still use it, but it has become an overkill in many situations. A few days ago, a vulnerability was discovered in the WP super cache plugin, which left an angle for script kiddies. I came to the conclusion that the time needed to constantly update the software part, monitor security issues and so on, is not worth it. Time is an expensive commodity.

Moreover, the website felt sluggish at times, and I’m a performance freak.

So, I switched to a cloud based VPS for this web site, and generate static pages with Markdown and Jekyll (a ruby based tool). I love it.